talking ’bout mother’s day

Mommy wannabe is celebrating mother’s day. Today, IMPACT Community will distribute a flower to all female employees at the office, complete with the greeting card. Yaay!

Talking about mother’s day, we also had testimonial/story competition themed “My Mom, My Inspiration”. This is the one that I submitted for the competition (wish me be the winner, hehe)

 My Mom is My Biggest Inspiration

Some might say a working mother has a negative impact to its child. That she wouldn’t always be there for the kids, kind of ‘abandoned’ the kids.

But it never happened to me. In fact, I remember that my mom is the one who taught me my first A-B-C, my first multiplication, my first writing. So that when I entered kindergarten, I was a little bit smarter than my friends. Haha.. It’s always so inspiring how she cook the most delicious meal, taking care of us when we sick, arranging the house to be a comfortable place to live. Having a working mother, on the contrary, inspiring me to balance my life and contributing to a bigger world.

The most inspiring thing my mom taught me is to always think big and positive. Since the very beginning, she always told us that we, her children, are capable to do anything we dreamt of. She always say that each of us will have a journey around the world, being an expert, getting the highest education degree that possible. And never in my thought I doubt that! It was my mom who gave me the confident.

 My mom, I always look up to her. She will always be my inspiration.

 Happy Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom.

My mom has been really busy lately. I do think she’s overwork. But I can not blame her for contributing to the world and giving the best for her profession. In this mother’s day momentum, my wishes are for us to spend more time as family and that I will be there for her more often (just like she always be there for me).

My sister is also becoming a mother soon, early February 2011 insyaAllah. So hopefully a little angel will gather our family more often in the future ^^

And hopefully mommy wannabe will become a real mommy. Aamiin.