The Moment I Traveled into Nobita’s Bedroom


Doraemon 100 Secret Gadget Expo Jakarta 🙂

Before it was in Jakarta, the expo was in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When I had chance to visit KL, I was so keen to go to the expo but JB is 5hrs away from KL. Bummer.

But then it came to Jakarta! 😀 *must visit*

The expo is from 28 Nov 2014 – 8 Mar 2015 at Ancol Beach City Mall. More info, click here.

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Why jacket is so important to me and you will see me using jacket almost all the time

  1. Back in my high school time (when this habit begins), I had plenty of jacket (OSIS, class, DKM, etc). It’s such a waste just to put them inside my closet.
  2. I caught ‘masuk angin’ (cold) very easily, especially in air conditioned place
  3. To prevent weather change (wind, sudden rain) while not holding my umbrella. With these jacket and jilbab, I’m a semi-waterproff human
  4. Jacket means additional pocket to hold my wallet, money, badge, etc. Since I rarely have shirt with pocket and holding items in my skirt’s pocket is not usually my preference.

wonderful feeling

This last few days have been a great time for me. After quite sometimes, I started opening my facebook page and yahoo messenger again for the first time. Meet many friends there, had a chit-chat about past and future, and suddenly those conversation lightened up my day! =)

I’ve been thinking that all my old friends had ‘deleted’ me from their life, but I think I was wrong! There’s still space in their heart for me, alhamdulillah =)

Today, out of nowhere, I can access YM from my office internet. Another conversation with friends, really made me feel ‘connected’, once again, with them

*mencet tombol ‘like this!’

This evening, I spoke with my ex-supervisor in college by phone and he asked me about my plan pursuing my study. It’s just a question, but I really feel that he really trust me for doing that. “I will, Pak. InsyaAllah. Please help me with your pray (and recommendation letter, perhaps :p)

Please keep your faith in me!

*I guess I should try to connect to the world more often =)



Ya Allah, aku terjaga oleh-Mu dalam nikmat, sehat, dan terpelihara. Maka sempurnakanlah nikmat-Mu, sehat dari-Mu, dan penjagaan-Mu atasku, di dunia dan di akhirat.

Ya Allah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari rasa sesak dada dan gelisah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari kelemahan dan kemalasan, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari sikap pengecut dan kikir, dan aku berlindung pada-Mu dari hutang dan dominasi manusia.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung pada-Mu dari kekafiran dan kefakiran. Ya Allah, aku berlindung pada-Mu dari azab kubur, tiada Tuhan selain Engkau.

Ya Allah, sehatkanlah badanku, sehatkanlah pendengaranku, sehatkanlah penglihatanku.

Ya Allah, Engkau mengetahui bahwa hati-hati ini telah berhimpun dalam cinta pada-Mu, telah berjumpa dalam taat pada-Mu, telah bersatu dalam dakwah pada-Mu, telah berpadu dalam membela syariat-Mu. Kokohkanlah ikatannya. Kekalkanlah cintanya. Tunjukilah jalan-jalannya. Penuhilah hati-hati ini dengan cahaya-Mu yang tidak pernah pudar. Lapangkanlah dada-dada kami dengan limpahan keimanan pada-Mu dan keindahan bertawakal pada-Mu. Nyalakan hati kami dengan ma’rifat pada-Mu. Sesungguhnya Engkaulah sebaik-baik pelindung dan sebaik-baik penolong.



talking ’bout mother’s day

Mommy wannabe is celebrating mother’s day. Today, IMPACT Community will distribute a flower to all female employees at the office, complete with the greeting card. Yaay!

Talking about mother’s day, we also had testimonial/story competition themed “My Mom, My Inspiration”. This is the one that I submitted for the competition (wish me be the winner, hehe)

 My Mom is My Biggest Inspiration

Some might say a working mother has a negative impact to its child. That she wouldn’t always be there for the kids, kind of ‘abandoned’ the kids.

But it never happened to me. In fact, I remember that my mom is the one who taught me my first A-B-C, my first multiplication, my first writing. So that when I entered kindergarten, I was a little bit smarter than my friends. Haha.. It’s always so inspiring how she cook the most delicious meal, taking care of us when we sick, arranging the house to be a comfortable place to live. Having a working mother, on the contrary, inspiring me to balance my life and contributing to a bigger world.

The most inspiring thing my mom taught me is to always think big and positive. Since the very beginning, she always told us that we, her children, are capable to do anything we dreamt of. She always say that each of us will have a journey around the world, being an expert, getting the highest education degree that possible. And never in my thought I doubt that! It was my mom who gave me the confident.

 My mom, I always look up to her. She will always be my inspiration.

 Happy Mother’s Day. Love you, Mom.

My mom has been really busy lately. I do think she’s overwork. But I can not blame her for contributing to the world and giving the best for her profession. In this mother’s day momentum, my wishes are for us to spend more time as family and that I will be there for her more often (just like she always be there for me).

My sister is also becoming a mother soon, early February 2011 insyaAllah. So hopefully a little angel will gather our family more often in the future ^^

And hopefully mommy wannabe will become a real mommy. Aamiin.


Happy birthday, my love..

Hari ini adalah hari ulang tahun suamiku tersayang yang ke-25 (seperempat abad usiamu sudah, sayang =)).

Tentu saja, aku ingin sekali membuat hari ini jadi hari yang sangat istimewa untuknya. Cukup lama aku memikirkan apa yang akan kulakukan untuk hari spesialnya ini: awalnya aku ingin memanjakannya sepanjang hari (misalnya dengan memasakkan masakan istimewa), tapi nampaknya kurang memungkinkan karena hari istimewanya kebetulan adalah hari kerja.

So, i decided just to do whatever i can do to make him happy (-er) ^^

I have an idea to give him a present, and the present must be the useful one for him. Lama juga mikir, akhirnya keingetan bahwa sepatu suamiku itu sudah agak-agak lama dan sepertinya perlu di-upgrade (maklum, suamiku itu baik setengah mati sama orang lain tapi pelit setengah mati kalo beli barang untuk diri sendiri =P). Awalnya mau membeli sepatu itu sendiri secara sembunyi-sembunyi. Tapi karena takut malah ga cocok dan ga kepake (ukuran sepatu kan suka beda-beda standar tiap merek, jadi ga yakin) dan memang karena kemana-mana kami selalu bareng (jadi ga sempat belanja curi-curi =P), akhirnya aku “culik” suamiku ke edward forrer Bandung untuk memilih sendiri. Jadi ga surprise dong?? Gapapalah…yang penting suamiku suka dan sepatunya kepake.  [PS: tapi akhirnya aku berhasil membungkus sepatu itu dengan kertas kado secara sembunyi-sembunyi. hihi..]

Secondly, karena hari ini hari spesial dan karena suamiku baru pindah kantor dan belum nemu tempat sarapan yang oke di sekitar kantor barunya, I made him a delicious yet full of love sandwich for his breakfast =D

And finally, I got an idea to send him a surprise birthday cake. Kebetulan pada hari ulang tahunnya akan ada rapat internal departemennya, jadi aku “berkomplot” dengan salah satu teman kerjanya untuk membawakan kue ke ruang rapat. Tapi ternyata surprise-nya kurang berjalan lancar karena si toko kuenya agak telat mengirimkan kue (well, I consider 1.5 hours late as ‘agak telat’). Dan bodohnya akuuuuu….di form pemesanannya aku memberi nomer HP suamiku sebagai recipient’s contact. Paginya sudah diganti jadi temennya suamiku itu sih, tapi ujung-ujungnya si toko kue tetap menelpon suamiku waktu mau mengantarkan order. Oh tidaaaaakkk…

Tapi alhamdulillah suamiku bilang dia seneng banget sama surprise (setengah sukses) itu =D

Alhamdulillah… =)

Happy birthday to you, honey..

Semoga Allah swt selalu marahmatimu, melindungimu dengan kasih sayang-Nya, dan memberikan kebahagiaan dalam hidup dan di kehidupan setelahmu..

Dan aku bersyukur menjadi istrimu.. =)

With love,