Remembering My Father

I have been missing Abah (my father) so much, it also makes me remember fun stuff we done in the past

>> back then we I was a kid, the school’s off during fasting month. I usually stay up late with Abah and we will have a competition, the first to fall asleep is lost. We watched tv, had a game, and stayed up all night.

>> when everybody’s asleep during car trips, I remember being the only one awake (besides Abah who’s driving) and we would have a chit chat about anything for miles. I consider myself his trip buddy.

>> our favorite games during car trip:
– guessing car’s license plate (city of origin)
– country’s capital city
– counting number of cars we have passed

>> when I was a kid, I hate it when Abah watched football (why watching people chasing a ball??), asked him to change the channel. When I started to love football, we would argue over football match and Tembang Kenangan 😀

>> I love cooking perkedel jagung (corn fritters) and I guess Abah loved it. I would get angry to him for snacking it before dinner time. Hehe

Though I will forever miss him, remembering our memory makes me feel better.

Allahummaghfirlahu warhamhu waafihu wa’fuanhu.


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