Farewell letter

I was helping some of my friends doing their emails for job offering, resignation, and recently, farewell letter.
When you receive a farewell letter, you will notice that most of them are similar, even looks like a ‘template’. And sometimes ‘template’ gives you impression of less-deep meaning, less-‘kicking’ than those created more creatively.
When i composed the farewell letter for my friend today, i tried to put myself in his position, as if today is my last day. And somehow i found those templates are now more meaningful.
Now i can understand why they put some ‘cliche’ words on them, why the wordings are similar. It is because they do share the (approximately) same feeling prior leaving the company and their friends.
Sometimes cliche is not bad, they just an improved expression that respresent many feelings hence used many times.


One thought on “Farewell letter

  1. Actually, when I wrote the farewell letter for myself last month, I read it repeatedly before sending it to colleague. It might be sound cliche but I meant it. 🙂 Then I said to myself, “It is not a good bye, it is only see you later”. 🙂

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