wonderful feeling

This last few days have been a great time for me. After quite sometimes, I started opening my facebook page and yahoo messenger again for the first time. Meet many friends there, had a chit-chat about past and future, and suddenly those conversation lightened up my day! =)

I’ve been thinking that all my old friends had ‘deleted’ me from their life, but I think I was wrong! There’s still space in their heart for me, alhamdulillah =)

Today, out of nowhere, I can access YM from my office internet. Another conversation with friends, really made me feel ‘connected’, once again, with them

*mencet tombol ‘like this!’

This evening, I spoke with my ex-supervisor in college by phone and he asked me about my plan pursuing my study. It’s just a question, but I really feel that he really trust me for doing that. “I will, Pak. InsyaAllah. Please help me with your pray (and recommendation letter, perhaps :p)

Please keep your faith in me!

*I guess I should try to connect to the world more often =)


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