Sungkyunkwan Scandal

This movie has been my favorite drama lately. It got me addicted since I watched it for the first time in KBS world.

Love the characters: straight Lee Seon Joon, brave Kim Yoon Hee, cool and radical Moon Jae Shin, and everything-will-be-ok Gu Yong Ha.

I like the themes brought by this colossal drama: friendship, learning spirit, spiced up by wise words and romance.

This drama tell story about a girl from Namin (ordinary, poor) family in Joseon kingdom (old Korea). She tried to make a living for her family (a mother and a sick brother), disguising herself as a man. She is a smart and talented writer, but the law of Joseon will not allow woman to work nor study. Family debt then force her to make money using illegal way: being a substitute test taker for the prestigious Sungkyunkwan university.

During the test, she met Lee Seon Joon, son of the Left Prime Minister, a very straight and intelligent man who will become her best friend (and later her lover) in Sungkyunkwan. Realizing Kim Yoon Hee’s (or Kim Yoon Shik) talent, Lee Seon Joon set her up to take a real test and enter Sungkyunkwan. Apparently, this is a life-changing moment for her to study and make friends with Moon Jae Shin and Gu Yong Ha. The four of them will be known as Jalgeum Quartet.

This film talks mainly about good vs evil. Protagonist character represented by the Jalgeum Quartet will later stands up against social classes happened inside and outside Sungkyunkwan, reveal the corruption and injustice by Joseon government officer, and fight for reformation of Joseon. And as the other Korean/Japanese drama do, this film really brings up the viewer’s emotion by its human interest (friendship, romance) aspects.

Another interesting thing about the movie is the setting. Since this is a colossal movie, instead of modern outfit and tall buildings, we see traditional Korea outfit (hanbok – love its beautiful and colorful design!), traditional Korea house (hanok), and the gorgeous natural views. This film just makes me longing to visit Korea even more! 😀

Well, from my personal opinion, this movie is truthfully worthy to watch =)


5 thoughts on “Sungkyunkwan Scandal

  1. plastic surgery did wonder lah haha
    ayuk gin kesini mumpung aku masih dsini…
    jgn mau kalah ama bram kkk

  2. you’ll make a good reviewer.
    as cause your review i downloaded it and already watched the first episode. and c’est vrai, it’s good. the girl is sooooo beautiful.:D
    i always wonder why God put all the beautiful girls in Korea.

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