success key

I had this coffee morning thing last Thursday. It is an opportunity for a small group of employee to meet our director in person and let our concern/idea to be heard. It is an informal forum, more like a tea time =)

Since we will have a new director on February, we met not only one but two directors: current and upcoming directors. Facing two directors in front of us, we can’t stand but asking the key to reach their current position. Surprisingly, they both agreed on two answers for the question

focus on what you are doing

live in the present, don’t wandering around thinking about something hasn’t happened and abandon your current task. Ever did this? 😀

don’t hesitate to take opportunity

opportunity comes when people thinks you are ready to carry it. So, don’t hesitate to get yourself a chance of new opportunity and be confident.

I better keep those things in mind 😉


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