Museum Visit: Bank Indonesia Museum

It was 2.30 pm already. based on the information i gathered, most of museum in Jakarta is closed on 3 pm. That’s why I’m not sure if we could visit another museum. But we should not give up without trying. So, there we were, headed to Bank Indonesia (Indonesia Central Bank) Museum. I knew that the museum was new, so it better be a good one 😀

Fortunately, the museum was still open. I knew later that the working hour for this museum was up to 4 pm on Saturday.  And this brand new museum was really awesome!! Instead of giving us many rooms to visit, they gave us a journey. They arranged the sequence so that we would get the whole story.

Started by introducing the old Indonesia history, an archipelago with rich natural resources, especially spices that have been known in an entire world. Next is the Indonesia and its economic history: the beginning of Bank Indonesia (was De Javasche Bank) and the modern Indonesia economic policy and polemics. This museum surely gave me more than a sightseeing, introducing me to the importance of economic strength for a country.

the entrance

metamorphosis of BI logo

I will surely recommend this museum to everyone who’s visiting Jakarta! 😀

We ended our tour in Bank Indonesia museum (it’s 4 pm already), and walked to the car. My stomatch was longing for a food, so we decided to find someplace to eat. And since we did not want Simon to have issue with food hygiene, we went to Grand Indonesia for meal.

After meal, we had some walk to Gramedia, looking for Jakarta history book. Fortunately, we found one there! Its title is “Historical Sites of Jakarta” by AJ Heuken. Good book with great pictures 🙂

Historical Sites of Jakarta

And it ended our one day museum tour. Never thought that visiting museum could be so fun. Seriously. From now on, I think museum will be one of my destination for vacation. Anybody want to join me? 😉


3 thoughts on “Museum Visit: Bank Indonesia Museum

  1. im not really sure if the museum now looks that good, or is it your picture that makes it look so good 😀
    good review!

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