Museum Visit: Fatahillah Museum

Our third destination was Fatahillah Museum (also known as Jakarta History Museum). I was not really interested on this museum, don’t know why. But I did enjoy sitting on its backyard, so cozy and windy! 😀 And i love the building architerture, too.

The building used to be a city hall of Batavia, the old Jakarta, built on 1707. And the building basement used to be a prison. In front of the building is a large yard, filled with hawkers at the time of our visit :p

It cost Rp.2,000 to go in. Here, we found collections of old furnitures (bed, huge cupboard, chairs, etc) used by the Batavia governors and official. And of course, the trademark of Museum Fatahillah, Si Jagur Cannon and Hermes Statue.

at the backyard

like this! 🙂


Simon was looking for historical book of Jakarta at the gift shop. Unfortunatelly, the book was soooo expensive (with poor quality). I guess he was looking for the historical book to learn further about the Jakarta history (since he came to the museums). Cool! 🙂

Right in front of the gift shop, I found kerak telor seller. Wooow…can not miss it, since you hardly can find one out there. So there we were, buy kerak telor and teh botol sosro (Simon liked teh botol sosro, and he ate some of my kerak telor too). This is the best part of Museum Fatahillah. Hahaha

Our next destination supposed to be the Art and Ceramic Museum, just next to Fatahillah Museum. But when we got closer to the gate, one of the security said that the museum was closed for a wedding party. What???!! Where can you find a museum closed for a wedding? Only in Indonesia :p


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