Museums Visit: Monas

Museum trip is not very popular in Indonesia. Unless you are a student on a school trip, you would probably put ‘museum visit’ as the last item in your vacation plan :p

Since last week, I have my working colleague on the project, Simon, came and he would spend his weekend in Jakarta. I was asking what he would do during the weekend and he answered, “Going to the museum”. What an unusual answer here in Indonesia. Hihi..

I tried googling to help him get a clue which museum he would prefer to go, but I can’t make a really good explanation about the route. Especially when he said that he would travel on his own by taxi. Oh no, I couldn’t let him do that. Afterall, I had my weekend free (well, there’s a friend wedding but I found it later) and I always want to show ‘a little bit of Indonesia’ to some foreign tourist/guest 😀

So, there me and my husband were. Saturday morning, took-off headed to Jakarta. We dropped my mom at Al-Azhar for an event (who was eventually in a wrong schedule :p) and headed to Shangri-la hotel. The traffic was okay, so we didn’t find much difficulties. We picked Simon at Shangri-la hotel (whose guard is not very friendly, i think) at 9 am and went directly to our first stop: Monumen Nasional (Monas).

We parked the car at the Monas outer circle and took a walk inside the Monas. And there was a culinary festival too!! Unfortunately, we were full and had no interest to eat.

We needed to cross the entire hall to get to the entrance. I wonder why do they put the entrance on the farthest. It’s quite hot and we were all sweaty (esp. Simon), but this was still our first stop, so I better brought a good mood there 😀

We were finally arrived at the Monas. At the entrance, you will need to buy a ticket Rp.2,500 each for adult (cheap, right?). Went inside the monument, we saw lots of diorama. The dioramas actually tell Indonesia history: from kingdoms to a united nation. Simon is such a good museum guy, he went to almost all the dioramas and read them. Nice.

We were actually explaining about the diorama too, a little bit. It’s like refreshing your history class, but in a more meaningful way. I was thinking seriously how great Indonesia is, from a scattered kingdoms to be a united nation, and how hard our founder has fought for independence and unity. So now, we are not supposed to be separated that easily.


Afterwards, we were trying to go to the top of Monas (it’s Rp7,500 ticket for adult), but since there was a loooong queue of students there, we decided not to go (because that will take us all day queuing there). We took off to the parking lot and headed to our second destination: Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Town).

(continued to Museum Visit: Jakarta Old Town)


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