Museum Visit: Jakarta Old Town

I had been to Jakarta Old Town before with IMPACT fellows, so it’s not hard to imagine where to go there. But at that time we were not traveling with private car (we use Transjakarta bus). My hubby was googling earlier about the parking lot, and he found out that we can actually park inside the Bank Mandiri Museum building (but you need to enter the gate from the traditional market side).

We made it after quite severe traffic jam (from Monas to Kota, and when making a u-turn on the traditional market) and we took off from the car to go inside the museum. Ticket price? Rp.2,000 for non-Bank Mandiri customer and free for Bank Mandiri customer (you should show your ATM card).

Bank Mandiri museum actually consist of early banking equipment and replica of banking activity back then on the Netherland times. Bank Mandiri itself was a unity of several banks that if we rooted them to the beginning, were a Dutch bank. There are lots of banking equipment and old securities kept on the museum. We went for it one by one and you can actually can tell how they were doing the banking activity back then. Cool! My husband was specificly interested on the old ATM machine located on the front part of the museum (atm guy! :p).

Bank Teller

see that old GE fan? i found it on other museum as well

old typewriter

on of the earliest ATM machine

Unfortunately, it was so hot inside the museum. And the gift shop was closed, too 😦 But I do like the building architecture 🙂

i like the tiles ^^


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