feel stupid

Being in the project for the first time, I barely know all the terms in electrical oil gas field. Thus, I will feel being very stupid (the stupidest) person especially during the meeting.

Tapi, saya merasa perasaan bodoh ini sebenarnya hal yang positif. Tengsin kalau bodoh, jadi harus belajar untuk tidak terus-terusan ga tau. It did drive me to find out about those things I don’t know.

Often, I just hear people talking to me about the technical stuff I do not know about, and I just nod – listening (and pretending that I’m understand). From there, I’m picking pieces by pieces of the conversation to start learning about new things.

Sometimes the hard thing is confessing that you don’t know. It’s easy to admit it to yourself, but it harder to confess to other(s). Haha.. 😀


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