priority #1


Its 09.20 pm, just took off from the bus after long-tired journey home from work.

As usual, we went back straight to take our motorcycle and took a ride back home. At a point, we arrived in an intersection, and it’s a green light for us. We were moving forward when suddenly a motorcycle from our left cut our line to cross the road (even though it’s a red light for him!). We put our klaxon out loud to him and thank God it’s not too late for us to break our motorcycle to avoid collision. 

The situation really happened to me (not only once) and i guess it happened to you too, that you have had carefully obey the road signs but others not and due to their ‘stupidity’ you came into ‘bad luck’ or a near miss. It surely really frustrating and made you really angry.

And sometimes we want to confront the situation. When there’s a naughty vehicle come to cut our line you really want to prevent that by moving your vehicle faster.

Or like my case, other motorcycle break the traffic light and get in the way.  You really don’t want to slow down because you think it’s your time to move forward-it’s your green light, or simply because you want to ‘challenge’ them.

Please don’t do that. Don’t challenge their (stupid) bravery. We’re not competing with those fools; we want to arrive home safely. It’s our safety that become priority #1!


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