kebahagiaan itu datangnya dari kesyukuran

This lunch break, I was blog-walking to some friends’ blog. There, I found stories of their life. And suddenly I feel a jealousy come and rape me. “How come their life went so well and mine don’t??”.

I have dreams, unfulfilled dreams. Then I started to blame myself. I am not good enough, I do not strive hard enough.

hmmmph..those thought are killing me..

Then I moved on to my current job, I currently reading some documents in my desktop. I read those words, many I don’t understand. Then I feel grateful, grateful for things that I still don’t understand at work. Which means I can still learn a lot here. And then my happiness comes back.

Hikmah: happiness do comes from syukur. We often see things far away, that we did not see what’s already in our hands..

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