ga apdet

It’s been a while 😀

It’s been a while since I touch the keyboard and post something into this blog. Gomenasai, minna-san.. (emang siapa jg yang nongkrongin blog ini? =P)

So, the story is…my husband got hospitalized due to appendicitis. It’s been a trouble-hearted days for me, sawing him laying on the bed in pain (hiks!).

It was started on Sunday morning when he was complaining about his stomach-ache. We thought it was his maag, surely because our ‘irregular’ eating habit. He took the maag medicine and get some rest, but instead of gone, the pain is getting worse. At 4.30 pm, we decided to go to the hospital. There, based on the blood test and a serious pain on the lower-right stomach, the doctor suspected him for appendicitis. Everything went so fast that the hospital recommended us to do the surgery as soon as possible (at the same night). Uugh..what a rush and shocking demand! Well, to make it short, my husband finally got operated that night. And it took 7 days for him to finally get out from the hospital =P

Wisdom from the case

  1. Never ignore any pain occurred. Remember: preventing is better than curing.
  2. Take a good care of your health. Choose your meals carefully (well, at least you know what’s entering your body =P), cooking is preferable than buying meals outside.
  3. It’s not easy to be married: you have responsibility for your spouse (but it’s also beautiful. Teuteup… :D). Can you imagine signing the approval letter for your husbands’ surgery?? 😐

 Ok guys, please..please..please wish him recover soon..! ^^

PS: Honey, please recover soon.. Let’s watch “How to Train Your Dragon” together =D

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