let’s talk about integrity

I recently read the new KBR Speak — it is a monthly series of Q&A forum featuring KBR employees across the globe to talk about their work in KBR.

And this month’s edition of KBR speaks featuring KBR South Africa Director. The most interesting part from the Q&A is the last one, the question is about the best advice he ever received.

“One’s integrity is priceless. I can not trade my integrity for anything”.

I screamed silently, “Yes, that’s absolutely right!! Integrity is surely a measurement of one’s quality.”

Integrity as a concept has to do with perceived consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. (Wikipedia.org)

in•teg•ri•tas n mutu, sifat, atau keadaan yg menunjukkan kesatuan yg utuh sehingga memiliki potensi dan kemampuan yg memancarkan kewibawaan; kejujuran; (KBBI)

Integrity is the reason for someone to be responsible on his/her duty.

Perhaps integrity is also the reason why the samurai going suicide (hara-kiri) when they’re lost.

And in Islam, we’re taught to have integrity, not to be al-munaffiqun (hypocrite person).

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