cerita dari bromo – surabaya trip (part 1)

we (me and my hubby) made a short trip to bromo 3 weeks ago. it’s not a so-professional trip (like the one you get using a travel agent), but it’s not that backpackers-style either. it’s just OUR STYLE. haha

enjoy, semoga bisa bermanfaat 🙂

it was all starts from our friend wedding invitation in Surabaya. me and friends decided to attend the wedding in a group (plus i have an obligation to hand over the wedding trophy. hehe). but since it would be a quite far and costly trip, we did not want to waste the chance and made it a holiday trip too. xixixixi

i have always dreamt visiting the mighty mount bromo, a land above the cloud (negeri diatas awan – considering Katon Bagaskara’s song). i saw pictures of Bromo through a calendar, internet and it was just too bad to miss. then we decided to extend our vacation to visit Mount Bromo =)

my friend’s wedding would be on Saturday, Nov 7 2009 at 7 pm. so we took the Saturday morning flight to Surabaya. two of our friends have made an itinerary of our journey in Surabaya and the schedule was very strict yet tempting 😀 *thanks to Monica and Yadi*

our flight was using AirAsia and we bought the ticket (about 2 months before) for IDR 274K. the schedule was initially at 06:50 am, but we have been informed that the flight was delayed to 8:00 am. in the end, we ended up departed at 10:00 am. what a delay, huh?? buuuut… all the delay was paid off when we got the e-gift voucher for IDR 500K each a week later. hihihi 😀  the voucher played an important role to our next trip to Malaysia and S’pore (i’ll post the story later) =P

We arrived in Surabaya at approximately 11:20 am. due to the lateness, we only got the chance to pass on Suramadu bridge – we should pay IDR30K everytime we enter the bridge, then it’s IDR 60K on return trip. we stopped in the middle of it to take some pictures there – even though we knew it was actually forbidden =P

yeaay...menginjak tanah Madura 😀

then we went straight to the hotel to clean up and change clothes for the wedding.

unfortunately…..we only got two rooms (one for the ladies and the other for gents) to clean up and everybody was insisted to have a bath, we were LATE to the akad nikah (oh please be reminded of our main objective in Surabaya =P).

therefore, while waiting for the Resepsi we went to the Sampoerna House (free enterance). yups, the one that own the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia! the house told us the history of Sampoerna family and cigarette factory. it was a very very beatiful house and a sooooo cozy cafe they got there

in front of Sampoerna House

next, Putri’s wedding (finally! =P)

Putri & Andie's wedding

next, we were headed to Foodfiesta (or foodvaganza??) near ITS campus (also near the new Al-Azhar International School – i went there with my mom in my last visit to Surabaya). not much to tell here.

Later, we went back to the hotel and some of my friends were having their trip to Bromo that night. They rented a car and have a 12-hours trip and catching the flight back to Jakarta on the next day (on Sunday) – well, we prefer the “more backpacker” way. Early on Sunday, we went to Pasar Genteng to bought some gifts to bring home *it’s not “some”, actually. we bought BOXES of things =P*

Next, we had a trip to Tugu Pahlawan and ice cream on Zangrandi

ga mirip ya? :p

Later on, we separated from others in Terminal Bratang to continue our trip to Terminal Bungurasih (Purabaya) to start our journey to Bromo =)

to be continued..

7 thoughts on “cerita dari bromo – surabaya trip (part 1)

  1. Slam knal ma aq gmn klo kta join ma ejt obyeck bkan hnya bromo aj bahkan ada 38 dtw khususny djtim kmi slalau siap apa yg kastemer mau dlk ada desa tour dll jga package fit git contack person +62 8155737299 tq krjasmany

  2. @ gan
    Lya ikut, itu tuh ada di foto kedua, yang pake baju item. Cuma keliatan dari belakang aja, hehe

    @ etji
    wah iya, ga ada foto etji-nya. Maaf, tji :p

    @ earfun

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