90/10 principle

90/10 principle is a “thinking style” found by Stephen Covey, the author of that famous “7 Habit”.

fundamental keywords of the principel is that

10% of life is made up of what happens to you and 90% of life is decided by how you react

or in the other words, we can say that most of of our life was built by our attitude, the way we act on what was happened to us. the power point ilustration will show us that stimulus is neutral; thing that makes it good or bad is how we react on that.

you can get the presentation about the 90/10 Principle here =)

well, i can’t agree more with that. as a mature human being, we should be the one with the power to control our reaction.. don’t let the situation control you (well..i must admit that i’m not mature enough yet =P)

kekuatan seseorang dinilai dari kemampuannya mengendalikan diri 

but still, sometimes there are people — i called them dementor — that “just don’t fit you”, who would love to see you suffer, trying to control your emotion. they would do things to provoke you and make laugh for it. for that kind of person, the best thing to do is definitely: avoid or ignore them.


2 thoughts on “90/10 principle

  1. Yep, life is a matter of choice… Keliatannya beberapa post terakhir seperti contemplating nih gHin… Cocok dengan posting teranyar-nya… Hehehe.. Barakallah… Smoga dimudahkan dengan pilihannya dan dilancarkan acaranya… amiiin…

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