if i could, i would love to…

as i said in the previous post, i was “judged” as an introvert-type person. but in fact, hmm…i think i would not agree with the result *my friends too, i guess*

you can barely say that i’m an introvert person. i talk a lot, hardly can keep a secret (of mine), hate silence (so much that i always need to break it) and other indicators stating that i’m not an introvert person (if can’t be categorized as extrovert =P).

it seems that an extrovert person will be “a great buddy”, “fun”, or “always know what to do” in a public times. but as my mentor, Bu Imung, said on the training, being extrovert didn’t mean you never get nerves facing public. in fact, an extrovert will get more difficulties leading themself in front of public. hee? why? because they can’t stand silence, they think in the same time with speaking, so that they tend to be in rush and harder to take a grip on themselves.

on the other side, introvert type will lean to think before act and it really helpful in term of grip them keep on the track.

and that is what i’m facing. some may say “ooh…she used to talk, then she will be fine talking in public” but it is definitely wrong! everytime i have to make a public speaking chance (in a training, or at work presentation, etc) i will get a bad panic attack — and this just makes thing worse. uuuh..

so i think, if i could (be an introvert who has better self control)…i would love to. hehe..


PS: this post is made regarding to Bu Imung’s request for me and Bonas (her mentees) to be presenter in Thursday Academy program.. i haven’t found any interesting materials to be presented so far. and i’m now busy for other project of mine. anyone can help? 😀


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