I’ve just finished watching Serendipity last night. ok..ok…i know I’m a lil bit late for that..

What? Ok…fine, very late. Hehe

Many people categorized Serendipity as “the most romantic” movie ever, for them. That’s why I’m so curious to see the movie. And accidentally, I got the film when I was in Bandung last week.

After watching it, umm…well…I decided that the film was “not that good”. I admit that the film is quite romantic, speaking of love at first sight.

But in overall, the story is about selfish love. In the story plot, both Sara and Jonathan have already had fiancé and will get married soon. But they chose to leave their fiancé in order to chase “someone they think they are falls in love with” (for me it suits a proverb, “harapkan burung terbang tinggi, punai di tangan dilepaskan”). The story was selfish because they “ignore” other person feelings (besides the main character). I never like that kind of films – which thinks the main character’s interests are more important than the others so that the movie justified all ways to achieve their ego.

That’s all a (rude) comment for me about the movie. Anyone who’s disagree with me…it’s ok, everyone have their own taste 😀


 PS: but I still like the word “Serendipity”, it’s “cute” yet mysterious 😀

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