books :)

I have just finished reading “Twilight” (a little bit too late, isn’t it? :p) and “Dan Hujan Pun Berhenti”, borrowed from IMPACT virtual library — thanks to IMPACT virtual library I can borrow many good books at office, don’t have to go to library or buy book on my own–, and I am now wondering how reading a book can actually change my mood 🙂

Somehow, reading a book can make me “trapped” into the story world. I am kind of person who can not stop reading a book  once I have started it. And for a while, I will leave the real world: living in the story world and feeling as the story character. That’s also how the book change my mood; it usually affects me for a while after too.

Well, you can call it “in too deep” =P

and now i’m feeling melancholic =P

5 thoughts on “books :)

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  2. i’ve finished reading all the twilight saga books. semuanya baguuus (soalnya semua bukunya happy ending. hihi) 🙂

    thanks for coming ^^

  3. n i just finished reading new moon….
    yep, that’s right, i agree with u…..
    books are such a wonderful world, bener kata2 yg pernah gue baca kalo mereka tuh temen paling setia yang kita punya.

  4. IMPACT = organisasi engineer dengan pengalaman kurang dari 7thn di KBR.
    IMPACT virtual library: fasilitator peminjaman buku antar anggota IMPACT lewat internet 🙂

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