safety – value moment *

Last weekend, when I and my mom went to Surabaya to attend some invitations, my mom got robbed at the train. It was 3.30 in the morning, and both of us were fall asleep. My mom put her handbag between us and it is covered by the blanket we used.

Suddenly, a thief grabs the handbag in a very fast movement and escape through the door between the rolling-stock (gerbong-red), and he quickly jumps off the train. My mom, who is waken up by the thief movement, suddenly scream, “Copet..copet…” and run to catch him, so do some people around us. But the thief was too fast and we definitely can not jump after him so that we can not rescue the handbag.

 It was definitely a traumatic experience for us (moreover, there were just the two us) and when we got off the train we absolutely can not trust anyone. Everyone was seems suspicious to us =P

We feel very disappointed for the lack of security during the train’s trip: there was no train guard near us and the rolling-stock door was unlock, makes the thief easier to escape. More, we got unpleasant service when we were reporting the accident to the station head.

He just said he felt sorry for our lost and that the route Semarang-Cepu is a disturbed route and we should be careful with our luggage (How come he has realized it, but there is no preventive action done to improve the security?). He also regrets that we traveled without any man’s accompanied (Oh, okay. Then the world is not safe for woman).

What we can get from the experience are

  1. Keep self awareness anywhere and always keep your belongings near (and tied to you, if possible)
  2. Be careful if you use train (I think train is public transportation with the highest rate of crime), especially all Jakarta-Surabaya train (after my mom get robbed, there was plenty of people said that they also ever get robbed in Jakarta-Surabaya train).
  3. For Muslims, just realize that everything comes from Allah swt then it will be back to Him in the end. Say “innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un”. Try to “let go” if we are in victim side. Blaming ourselves or others might just gives us more stress and exhaustion.

*In KBR, we have tradition of safety- value moment if we have meeting with more than 3 members. It is usually a sharing or  self-experience in health or safety aspects

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