You need to get over it!

That’s what my friend said when I still think of my old problem after a while.

That’s me, always hard to get over something, especially the disgraceful ones.

“Forgiven, not forgotten”, said The Corrs. It is right. But that’s only happen to me, for my mistake(s), not others. Hard to forgive myself.

Some people said I was too overwhelmed by prestige, about what people may think about me. It is wrong? For me, dignity is very mportant. I don’t want to look bad on other’s eyes. Is it means I do not become who actually I am? (and who has the right to judge am I acting like my true self or not?)

Some said it is because I am a perfectionist type. I just think I need to punish myself for a mistake because I do think I can do better than “that” but I did not give my best shot.

I don’t think it is wrong. But it is exhausting =p

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