what a (horrible) service!

Here, in JEC (Jakarta Engineering Center – term we usually use to call our KBR office in Jakarta), we have team building budget for each departement. This team buiding is held quarterly (every 3 months) and I don’t know why I was appointed as the PIC for this second quarter electrical team building (it was an acclamation — sudden appointment — by Pak Arief, the previous PIC).

I was planned to hold the event in the middle of May (or at least in early June), but at yesterday’s department meeting, some suggested to do it while we are still in a complete personnel (because some of electrical team member got reduced, and today is the last day for them in KBR). And that means I have to hold the event today! 

Then…yesterday has been a hactic day for me. Collecting restaurants candidate, booking the meeting room for the event, and make a polling for the menu. Alhamdulillah everything went well and we all agree to order food from Ampera restaurant in Bendungan Hilir, just 5-10 minutes away from our office.

Today, after collecting everyone’s order, me and Mbak Wini (my senior in electrical dept) went to the restaurat to order the food. When we got there, the restaurant has not opened yet and the employee dressed so unproper (there is one still using pajamas). Well, I still can tolerate that because I think we came too early when the restaurant has not opened yet.  I got more “unsure” feeling to the restaurant when 4 items in our order were not available (then what the using to put them on the menu if they are not available???!). Still, I tolerate that and try to find new menu to replace the unavailable items.

Here it goes the worst part…

I have called the restaurants in like a million times but it never get connected. I just want to make sure that the order are ready and arrive on-time (FYI, I have mentioned to deliver the food befor 11 am because our lunch is in 11.30 am).

The team building event had begun but there is still no sign of the delivery would arrive. I tried to call them in 11 am and they said that the delivery was just off to our office. Okay, I will wait. Reaching the lunch hour, I began to be impatient and try to call them. Why it tooks so long to deliver the food to our office while it is just 5-10 minutes away from their restaurant??! And the restaurant waiter just repeat the same answer “The delivery is on its way to our office”.

I feel very guilty to all the electrical member who are waiting for the food. It almost passed our lunch time and there is still  no sign of the delivery. I called the restaurant in about another million times, and even ask for the deliverer cellphone number. But the waiter said he did not know (the cellphone number). What???!!! How come they did not control their delivery service???!! And finally, the delivery arrived on 12.40 pm (passed the lunch hour). I got mad to them but they just keep in silence, they don’t even makes an apology for the (very) lateness. 

Thing that insulting me most is that I can do nothing about it. I can mad, yell to them but it would not solve the problem. I can not charge them for their lateness, I can not cancel the delivery (well, I can do this but I don’t have the heart to. Plus, we have waited so long and it is not possible to make another order for lunch in a short time).

What I can do is just feel resentful (at heart) and rue for their horrible service.

This is Indonesia, where customer can be treated unproperly, without respect, without any charging force (liat aja PLN, listrik mau mati kapanpun pelanggan ga akan dapet ganti rugi). But I believe this will not last forever (suatu hari orang Indonesia akan cukup cerdas untuk memilih produsen dengan pelayanan yang baik dan meninggalkan produsen dengan pelayanan yang buruk- seperti si Ampera di cerita ini).

Saran saya: jangan datang ke restoran yang pelayanannya buruk 2 kali. Bukan hanya untuk kenyamanan kita, tapi juga supaya dia “nyadar” harus memperbaiki pelayanannya.


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