welcome to the (real) world

There is significant contradictive condition in my office in these two weeks.


Last week could be the most beautiful week for almost all employees: focal point (salary increases, but not entitled for new hires :p), probation period graduation (thank God we are all passed), and (last but not least) the very-super long weekend.

Everyone was happy and smiling.


What happen this week is on the contrary.

After the very-happy-and-refreshed long weekend, in Monday, Management was sending email stated that there will be employee reduction in a short time. And that short time is really a SHORT time. A day after, our department lead was saying that he would call those who are included in the reduction individually after lunch time. WHAT???!!!!

There was a very high tense on 1-4pm that day. Our room was so quiet, and every phone-ringing sound seems would stop our heart from beating. I felt so uncomfortable with the situation that I tried to move my attention on the situation by doing my work as fast as I can. I was so frustrated because that was my first experience facing a company reduction possibility. And I was so worry, not only for myself but also to my entire department partner; anyway they have been a team-mate for me. When the “storm” has passed, I knew that in my department itself, there are seven people severed, including my direct supervisor on the mock up project.


The only thing I can do was thanking God, for letting me stay in my job, and praying the best for all of those who are included on the reduction.

Welcome to the real world!

4 thoughts on “welcome to the (real) world

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  2. @ k’aBy
    yups. we need to be ready to face any possible condition. But sometimes it is hard especially in the matter of if we have had great friends and team at the office 😀

    @ juju
    some people said, “love your work, but not your company”. hehe.. 😀

  3. Sure, it’s hard to leave a good and cozy environment.

    Anyway, just do your best in any of your position and condition. You will be recognized for your best performance, every where you go, even when the company have to release their most valuable employees for the sake of cost reduction.

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