hari ini lagi mellow

Hari ini lagi mellow, gatau kenapa.

Dan biasanya kalo lagi mellow, bakal kepikiran hal-hal yang even makes me more mellow. Lalu terjadilah reaksi ke-mellow-an berantai. hahahaha..

Kalo lagi mellow gini, biasanya jadi keingetan “hal-hal sensitif” such as

What if Abah still here?

There are so many curiousity I want to ask you, my beloved father. If you were here, perhaps it won’t be this hard to find the answers. if only you were here…

What will my future be?

When will I be able to fulfil my dream?

Will I be able to be a better, more professional person? (well, this is not to be questioned, I should be working out to achieve it)

When will I get married?

etc, etc..


3 thoughts on “hari ini lagi mellow

  1. What if Abah still here?
    mungkin beliau udah ga ada,,karena skarang udah waktunya nyari jawaban sendiri..
    What will my future be?
    no one knows..i don’t even know mine..
    tapi Dia ada terus kan buat kita..whenever..whereever..

  2. about “what if” phrase, it’s past… always wish you’ll be strong to head your fate

    about “what will” phrase, then try to answer your question by yourself… 😀
    with every possibilities that you have… a good one of course, make it your dream
    you have the right to dream, yet it’s your responsibility to pursue it.
    once I read, “We are never given dreams without also being given the power to make them come true.”

    (lagi belajar English, maaf klo banyak salah :D)

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