Knowing myself (1)

In about a week ago, I attended a training in our office called “Understanding Self and Others”. It is significantly important for us to understand ourselves and people around us as we live in a community – we need to know how we can role in our community, and more importantly: we need to know how to treat others in a right manner.

Half session of the training is used to take an identifying personality test for each of the participant using what it is called the “MBTI” method – it stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Here, our personality are assessed in four aspects

  1. How are you energized (Extrovert or Introvert)
  2. How do you acquire information (Sensing or Intuition)
  3. How do you prefer to make decision (Thinking or Feeling)
  4. Which lifestyle do you prefer (Judging or Perceiving)

And it comes out with result that I’m an INFJ (Introvert – Intuition – Feeling – Judging) person. And when I see the description of an INFJ person, it looks like me! Haha…never thought that I’m an introvert before :p

The good thing about this test is that: it is not only assessed our personality type, but also giving some advice on how we can role in our team, how we may affect others, and how how we can maximize effectiveness to our team.

It is a good test 🙂


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