keep my dreams alive

having a conversation with teh desi and reading her blog (she has finished her master degree and now pursuing her doctoral degree) reminds me to my dream to pursue my study abroad and become a lecturer someday, my pending dream.

Stories in her blog are really a fairytale to me. Kind of story i always wanted in my life: graduated with cum laude predicate in ITB, get Ganesha Prize, getting married, pursuing study with her husband, graduate and pursuing her doctoral degree.

But i know everyone has their own path in this life. It is the best and it will be a beautiful story if we cherish it and feel grateful for whatever it is.

All i want is keeping my dreams alive. Unhidden by working life, fear of loosing job or low salary, fear of leaving all the comfort zone behind.

I want to reach my dream.

I have to reach my dream.




7 thoughts on “keep my dreams alive

  1. semangat, Niii… =)
    mengingat adanya teman-teman seperjuangan membuat saya lebih semangat ^^
    *walaupun ga tau nih seperjuangannya seperjuangan yang mana :p*

    selama untuk kebaikan, rasanya kita ga boleh mundur dan putus asa =)

  2. what we do in life, echoes in the eternity…
    really nice writing kk ghina…remind me of someone I must pursue..hehehhe

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  4. It was a nice chat for me too! Thanks a lot!

    Like neighbour’s grass always seems greener, to me too, other people’s life sometimes looks like a fairy tale. But like you said, it’s their life and not ours. So, it’s best to live our life, be grateful and make the most out of it.

    And yes: let’s keep our dreams alive. But also more importantly, let’s keep having a dream. Because once we make one dream come true, another dream can keep us alive…

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