Premiere League Style

This morning, as usual, i woke up early to catch up a bus to go to the office. Since it was raining (a little bit) hard in Bekasi, my mom kindly drive me to the bus halte to wait for a bus.

But right in our way to the bus halte, we meet our first P52 (my bus, Bekasi – Tn.Abang)

“It’s ok, there’ll be another bus. It’s already full anyway, you won’t get any seat there”, my mom said.

I agree with her. It’s ok, I can find another bus..

But then, another bus passing us.. this time is 17 (Bekasi-Dukuh Atas, this also my bus). We still say it’s ok because it looks like its full already.

Then, P50 passing through (OMG, this also my bus, Bekasi-Tn.Abang, Non-AC one). I began to think, “D**n, why there’re so many (my) buses passing through this morning, when I can’t reach them because our car is in the opposite direction”.

I see my mom began hesitant (of let go-ing the buses) too. Then when another P52 come up (and it’s empty!), my mom said, “Ghin, ayo kita kejar aja bus itu”.

Hohohoho…here it goes the chasing scene… hahahaha…

Immediately, my mom try to find a U-turn and turn to the reverse side of the road. We are like freak mom and daughter chasing a bus. Hahahaha….

We try to catch up the bus but since it was a bit traffic jam,  it will be easier for me to catch it up by foot. So i get off the car and take a very quick step catching the bus.

But before i reach the bus, all the vehicle is moving faster, and i’m kinda gotta miss the bus. But then my mom’s car coming and i’m jumping into the car right away then we start to chase the bus by car. When all the vehicle getting slower, i will jump off the car to chase the bus. There it goes over and over again. And in my third attempt, i finally got the bus. Horray…..=D

I always thought that there are two ways to get a bus on Jakarta (and Bekasi). The Calcio League (Italian) dan The Premiere League (England) styles.

Italian style is rather waiting for a good chance (just like the Calcio League style). So, we wait for the bus at the place where the bus will pass and we suppose we will still get a seat there. Sometimes we need to let go some opportunities because we suppose that the bus is full and there will be another buses come right away.

But the England style is rather “chasing”. To reach the bus halte, i usually get angkot or ojeg. And in England style, we took off the angkot or ojeg (or whatever vehicle we use) when we saw our bus and try to catch it up.

Hehehe….weird analogy ya? =P


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