changing my point of view

So far, i always thought that every single thing that i can not do or achieve is because of my “inability” or in other word, it was a failure of me, i failed. My “inability” to graduate on July, my “inability” to get 4.00 for m GPA, and many others “inability”..

Sometimes, it took so long for me to forget  “the failure” and forgive myself. In everything that i didn’t do well, i always blame myself as a punishment. “I deserve to be blame for the failure”, I always think that way.

Know what? It often makes me stress and even gives me nightmares..

Until recently, something makes me completely realize that for everything we achieve, there’s the path. It already decided by ALLAH SWT. I am learning to overcome my “guilty feeling” and ask myself to move on, don’t have to cry on something already happened.

You know something, guys?

If you failed to achieve something, it doesn’t mean that you can’t (or don’t have ability to) do that. Perhaps it’s just not the best for you…

Ganbatte ne…! ^^

PS: thanks to you who always makes me think positively and just put my “inability” aside.. You give me strength to change my negative-point-of-view..

9 thoughts on “changing my point of view

  1. sape tuch “you”…yang change teh ghina punya “point of view”

    suka sama mottonya puput..

    akhir itu SELALU bagus…
    kalau nggak bagus artinya itu bukan akhir 😀

  2. Hello, Ghina… I’ve just found out about your blog. You do enjoy writing, don’t you? Hahahaha….

    A simple quote I always believe in:
    “Do your best, let God do the rest.”

    I believe that we will never be perfect, all we have got to do is to give our best in everything.

    We have to accept that we are not perfect, live with it, just make sure that we have given our best.

  3. @ machmuy
    kasih link-nya dong 😀

    @ jul
    yup. but it definitely will affect you more if u find out the “other point of view” by yourself =)

  4. As far as I know (and also as I have experienced before), sometimes people can see the definitely positive view of something, but at the same time they can only see the negative one in other things.

    Hence, whenever you can not see something positively, just look for it from the people who can. May be someone can help you to fix your seeing.

    You can also ask from Him, who can see it both positively and negatively, and choose the best for you 🙂

    WaLlahu a’lam

  5. iya, iya bener harusnya minta ijin dulu, itu ga copyleft kan, klo copyright emang rada ribet,

    oia, ghin saya juga pernah dapet artikel yang bagus tentang point of view, udah pernah saya sarikan sedikit di blog saya, tentang pola pikir, mudah2an membantu

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