Here i am. Sitting in front of my lappie, just try to finish my study objective. Ya Rabb, why it took me so long to finish it? Just for  (less than) one page  of study objective. Oh, c’mon… you can do that, gHina….

I think i have a bad behavior  if it comes to laptop and internet. It can’t make me concentrate!!! I always do some multitasking, like browsing or reading blogs. Yes, reading blogs has became my hobby since about three months ago. Almost every time i get connected to the internet, I check my blog and take a look of others blog. Some blogs i usually visit are Pak Budi’s blog for some broaden information and discussion, Pak Armein’s blog for some humor and romance, Teh desi’s blog to get me inspired and motivated, Blog anak-anak asrama (Julian, Adan, Husni), Konversi’s blog,  blog anak-anak elektro (windra, sastro, zakki), alumni sma3 (anis, ahmad ridwan) and Pak Arry’s blog. And i really love to click on the blogroll lists on everyone’s blog and  read those blogs. Today, while reading teh desi’s blog, i found a link to her sister’s blog (teh erika, she’s also sma 3 bandung alumni). She’s now studying in Melbourne, Australia, taking medical as her major.

That blog inspires me a lot. Especially on daily life and ukhuwah. Its so islami. It makes me wondering about my past years in DKM, along with all my beloved sisters. It makes me think of my full-of-islamic-passion years back then. And where am i right now? I am in a very islamic environment, but i can’t feel the passion anymore…

Someone ever said to me, “Learning islam is like diving into the sea. Deeper you dive, then you will see more beautiful scenes”. It it true, i know it. i ever feel it. But perhaps, I was not a good diver back then, or I only bring slight of oxygen with me. So that i have to go back to the surface to breath the air. Unfortunately, I was amazed by the surface’s scene, and forget to get back to the sea.. Hopefully I don’t forget how to dive. So that i will get back to see those beautiful scenery again, insyaAllah…


4 thoughts on “bismillah…

  1. @ Ahmad Ridwan

    Maaf, saya luipa kalau itu bukan blog pribadi. Sebenarnya saya memang suka buka 102fm, tapi karena satu-satunya dari “kelompok” 102fm yang saya kenal itu Ahmad Ridwan, jadi saya tulis sebagai tautan ke Ahmad Ridwan…

  2. Btw, itu (tautan) link-nya lucu, namanya AhmadRidwan tapi arahnya ke 102FM. Terima kasih banget sudah membantu mempromosikan 102FM. Kebetulan blog saya lg tutup buku, jadi dikasih tautan jg gak terlalu berguna, untung kalo tautannya ke 102FM insya Allah jadi berguna.

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