weird semester

this semester is kinda ‘weird’ semester for me.. yea, not so weird actually, perhaps it’s more like an unusual one =D

this semester, i have 5 classes. 2 S1 classes and 3 S2 classes. and what i called weird are my S2 classes. hehe…

my fisst class is EP 6131 Pengukuran dan Instrumentasi pada Sistem Tenaga. It’s unusual because of its time. we start class at 06.30! can u imagine that????! this semester was a very hard and busy semester for me (i always have 07.00 am class, except for tuesday). on the other hand, my friends are having their free time.. huhu… (hopefully things will be easier for me next semester ^^)

my second class is EP 6252 Perencanaan Sistem Tenaga Lanjut. this class was unusual because i got three classmate which are actually a lecturer from polban. huehehe… they just at the same age with my father =P but they’re a good classmate ^^

the last class is EP 7151 Kendali dan Kestabilan Sistem Tenaga. Actually, this class wasn’t listed on my KSM (dropped, actually). i WAS took this class at the begining of semester, but then, the lecturer (which is my final project’s guide) refuse to teach because there’s only two students (plus that i’m still an undergraduate student actually). then, he told me to drop the class. but just a day after i dropped the class, someone call and ask me to join the class because he’s the only student. heee??? they cancelled to close the class??? why didn’t tell me earlier? =(

but i’m joining the class anyway because it relates to my final project. what is the unusual thing? the unusual thing is that i only have one classmate! it’s more like private lesson. hehe….

3 thoughts on “weird semester

  1. btw, hari kamis kemarin, my classmate harus ke dokter gigi. jadi deh…….kuliah sendirian! hehehe………….^^

    mana ngantuk lagi ^^’

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