sayonara, sister..

what a sad sad friday…

here i am, sitting on pln… thinking about my final project which haven’t been started yet. could u imagine? almost 6 hours sitting, can’t write anything but one ordinary sentence.. hiks hiks…. T_T

this morning, i accompanied (is this the correct form?) my friend to meet her “dosen wali” to resign from itb. well, since tpb (first grade in university), she showed an enormous interest to study islam. i don’t know, but sometimes i think she has no more interest on any “duniawi” knowledge. she often said to me that she feels studying and doing assignment about technical, equations things (she was in engineering major) is such a waste of time. — ya, everyone who’s doing anything they have no interest to, will say so.. — on the other side, she attends any islamic studies (kajian-kajian) more often. until one day came, and she decides to take time off from her study in ITB.

I never knew what she was doing or where she was studying since then. sometimes i send an sms to her just to say hallo and asking about her news. i also ever heard that she will get married at the beginning of this year, but obviously it’s just a gossip. if i asked her what she’s doing right now, she will answer, “You’ll found out later, insyaAllah”, and then smiling.

in fact, she is a real teacher for me. i adore her enthusiasm in studying islam, even tough i’m not agree if she thinks that go to college and studying “duniawi” isn’t important. every knowledge we gain, both it’s syariah or “duniawi”, can be our way to worship Allah SWT. because all knowledge is came from Allah SWT. that’s what i think..

she always asking, “apa kabar ilmunya?” everytime i met or call her. she gave me many papers, softwares, anything about islam, especailly ahlus sunnah wal jamaah (yes, she is a salafi). fyi, i never divide person based on their manhaj, but i do know their tendency.

for a short time (when i was at tpb), she became a great mentor for me. those times was a great time for me, time when i got the highest spirit in studying islam. actually, i missed those days a lot.. =)

and dwo days ago, i missed her a lot, and i called her. it’s just a right time because she said that she will leave Bandung this weekend. she said that she will have an intensive time for her islamic study in Depok and then go to Yaman to study islam more. she also said that perhaps she will get married before going to Yaman, to get mahram to accompany her. and she asked me to accompany her to meet her “dosen wali” to state her resignement form ITB..

Good bye my friend..

Everything u decide for your life, i hope it’s the best for u… hopefully we can meet again someday, somewhere…

and pray for me to catch up your spirit in studying and doing islam right to balance my “duniawi” and akhirat..

ukhibbukifillah, sister.. ^-^


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